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Our Story

The Sweet Shop for gamers

Sweet Cabin was founded in March 2021 out of boredom (trust us, we wish we could instead say it was a planned process that was dreamt up for years but it wasn't). We wanted to fill a gap in the gaming and esports world by becoming the Sweet Shop to go to. Nearly a year later and we've grew way faster than originally anticipated but alongside this, we thought up a proper vision for our brand; we're in the business of making people smile, not in the business of selling sweets.

You may be thinking "that sounds stupid" but hear us out. COVID has shown us now more than ever that life is tough and we all struggle with different things. If we can improve a few lives or make somebody's day better then that's a job done in our book. Trust us when we say this - we have no expectation from you as a customer (even using the word makes us cringe) we simply want to provide value and give back to our community; the gaming world.

Meet our founder

Nathan Edmonds

Nathan founded Sweet Cabin out of pure boredom as a little side project among other things. Nathan's background is in esports marketing and hence the strong bond we have within the gaming industry.

Nathan's main goal alongside his own career is to scale Sweet Cabin up to the point where it can properly sustain careers and can help those starting out in the industry seeking a job in marketing. Big plans going into 2022 and we can't wait to share them all with you!

Meet our Chief of Security


Lux has been with the company right from the start and we have had 0 issues in terms of security, something of which she is very proud of. Lux takes her job very seriously, each delivery is vetted as she screams at the postman behind the door, ensuring he knows his place.

Lux likes to think her job is the most important here at Sweet Cabin and we agree. She works very hard day in and day out and she only asks for one thing in return, payment in walkies.

Lux enjoys long walkies, bum scratches, treats and playing with ANY squeaky toy. She does not have an email or any social media accounts because she likes to live a simple life.

Meet Our Influencer Manager

Rae Lyon

Rae is the Influencer Manager here at Sweet Cabin and takes good care of all our affiliates!

Rae has a degree in Ancient History and Egyptology but wants to break into the gaming and esports scene. Rae loves reading, rock climbing, gaming and most importantly the 1kg pink mix.